Hello World,I'm John!

John at 2015 AAG conference with Rebecca Rice and Michael Goodchild

As a highly skilled geospatial software engineer, I have a wealth of experience blending GIS domain knowledge with full-stack development to create stunning and efficient mapping applications. My academic background includes a bachelor's degree in Geography from UCSB, where I had the privilege of studying under renowned thought leaders Michael Goodchild and Waldo Tobler. I further honed my skills with an M.S. in Geoinformatics and Geospatial Intelligence at George Mason University. After graduation, I played a pivotal role in launching one of the world's most viewed geospatial web applications, ArcGIS Dashboards, as a product engineer at Esri.

After Esri, I spent a year as an Integration Consultant at a business intelligence startup called YellowfinBI, which was acquired by Idera Inc. in 2022. I left Yellowfin after the acquisition to work on this blog while also raising my son, Justice Solly was born on 2/20/22. Six months later, I joined University of Maryland as a senior geospatial developer for the EASIER Data Initiative, a UMD project in collaboration with the Filecoin Foundation For the Decentralized Web. I was responsible for developing infrastructure that enables efficient, accessible, and sustainable onloading, analysis, and extraction of large geospatial datasets into blockchain-managed decentralized storage systems such as Filecoin and IPFS.

In Fall 2023, I joined NLT as a senior software engineer, contributing to some of NLT's largest and most influential projects. I'm now part of a multi-year effort for the U.S. Census Bureau to develop a web-based geospatial application for the Census Enterprise Dissemination Services and Consumer Innovation (CEDSCI) division.

If you're facing complex geospatial challenges that require an experienced developer's expertise, feel free to drop me a message. Let's connect and find the perfect fit for a successful collaboration!


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